I help emotionally overwhelmed women in highly-responsible roles heal, gain emotional balance, and move beyond loss and trauma.

You CAN be phenomenal in your life AND within your self.


Afiya: good health, the health of the soul, the body, and the mind. It is the health of life in general. It is the ease of hardship and the increase of all that is good.

Become one of the many amazing women who show up boldly for themselves, to create the person and life they dream of.

I have helped women all over the world:

 achieve emotional wellness after major life changes

move beyond childhood and adult traumas

alleviate mindset blocks to personal and professional success

 heal nutritionally and strengthen their immune system 

attain long-term weight loss naturally, without dieting

There is no time better than this present moment to make a change in your life. Let's talk about your wellness needs.