I help women dealing with illness achieve the emotional wellness needed to help their bodies heal.

Did you know that your emotional health can affect your physical health?

What you feel and how you process those emotions can have a great affect on your immune system and your body's ability to cope with dis-ease.

Are you currently facing a health crisis and feel as if your world has come crashing down?

Are you motivated and committed to your healing? Do you look at the ups and downs in life as lessons instead of failures? Do you reflect deeply on your life and welcome opportunities for growth?

Yet--despite all of this--do you still struggle to think positively about your situation? Do you have loved ones who mean well but just aren't helping? Does the emotional overwhelm cloud your focus and make it hard for you to stay optimistic about your healing?

Have you experiences grief due to loss--the loss of your previous state of health, loss of a sense of safety and surety about what tomorrow brings? In spite of your best efforts, do you find yourself sabotaging the success of your treatment plan? Are you finding it hard to remain confident about your treatment choices?

Do you have a dark side to your gifts that most people never see? It could be that you are so committed to being positive that you swallow your real feelings--your fear, doubt, lack of confidence in what tomorrow holds? Or maybe you are so used to caring for others that you are losing sight of yourself and your healing needs? Are you so focused on "holding it all together" that you are unaware of your innermost needs? Maybe you've lost sight of how phenomenal you are and you just need help learning to be amazing and emotionally healthy at the same time.

If this sounds like you, we should talk...

You CAN be phenomenal in your life AND within your self.


Afiya: good health, the health of the soul, the body, and the mind. It is the health of life in general. It is the ease of hardship and the increase of all that is good.

Become one of the many amazing women who show up boldly for themselves, to create the person and life they dream of.

I have supported women all over the world in creating the changes they want to see in themselves and their lives.

 achieve the emotional mastery to help your body's healing process

move beyond childhood and adult traumas to self-healing and self-love

 discover and remove the obstacles to your pathway to healing

 overcome the loss of your former idea of health, the identity of who you were before illness, relationship changes after illness, and your lack of confidence about what the future holds.

speak your truth, and own your power to create a new life after illness and defeat self-sacrificing behavior

reclaim your phenomenal woman within and live fully

There is no time better than this present moment to make a change in your life. Let's talk about how I can support you.