I help women who have experienced profound loss heal emotionally and embrace life again.

Are You Stuck In Grief And Think You Just Need To Give It Time? (It's not true.)

If you are emotionally overwhelmed by a profound loss that you have experienced, and are having a hard time dealing with all of the feelings that keep you from being able to function normally in your life...


You may think that you just need to "give it time and "be strong" instead of reaching out for support.

The truth is that you have all of the tools that you need to overcome grief and embrace life again.

You just haven't learned how to use them in order to feel better.

You can heal. It just takes a change in the way you think about your loss and in how you are functioning in your daily life.

Right now you may be trying to appear "fine" and staying busy, waiting for time to dull the pain, or drowning your pain in unhealthy habits.

(And most likely, none of it is working.)

Living in this way can only make your grief worse and last longer as opposed to it resolving or lessening to a point where you can fully embrace life again.

What will change this is understanding that the way to heal from grief is to allow yourself to feel it and express it.

Understand that how you feel is normal and that your feelings want to be honored as a part of the process of healing.

Instead of holding them in and pushing them further down, allow yourself to feel everything that comes with the loss you have experienced, without judgement.

I call this "emotional mastery," where you compassionately face your feelings and move through them by addressing the root of each emotion, your relationship to them and yourself, as well as your relationship to your loss.

I help you to see why what you thought would resolve your grief will not.

You will be surprised that once you begin to take these steps, you will begin to feel better and more able to move forward in your life.

Because now you'll understand that your feelings are not the enemy.

If you feel that you need support creating this change in your life, this is why I am here. Schedule a complimentary coaching session with me and let's talk about it.

I'd be happy to share the details of my Re-Embracing Life After Loss method for healing the emotional wounds caused by loss, allowing yourself to feel and uncover what is behind your emotions in order to free yourself from grief.

Don't spend another day hoping and wondering when you will begin to feel better.

You can begin healing today.

I look forward to us getting to know one another soon.

Live. On purpose.